The FORTS Medical Mission

We share an extreme passion for improving and saving lives. We do so by providing the most reliable, time saving medical infrastructure ever developed to bring care to those that need it most. Whether in a remote location or caught in a disaster, proven experience and preparation are vital in the midst of traumatic events. FORTS & OSMOCO have joined forces, as FORTS Medical, to solve the greatest threat to saving lives in these situations…the lack of quick and comprehensive remote medical facilities.




Our Experience

Since 1979, OSMOCO has been saving lives through their Airborne Medical Services, Remote Rescue Services, Crowd Medical Services and International Disaster Services. With this broad level of experience within the most challenging global environments, OSMOCO brings to each FORTS Medical product the invaluable knowledge of what works in remote and emergency medical care. FORTS has over 30 years of experience creating new and innovative shelters that stand up to the harshest environments. FORTS developed ground breaking fold-out technology to create rapidly deployable, durable and highly energy efficient shelters which are ideal for remote medicine around the globe. With its 260,000 square feet of design, engineering and production facility currently expanding to 410,000 square feet, FORTS Medical is positioned to meet the extensive demand for its solutions.


our experience